NEW ULTRA METALLIC COLORS - Unbelievable, but true...we already have more Ultras than anyone, but because you wanted more... here they come. We have 5 more approved with various launch dates and several more in the works. You wanted Coral Ultra and check it out - it is truly an amazing color. We also have fluorescent ultra colors and there is nothing like them in the market.

RAIN - This film is cool. It is a metalized film that gives you a rainbow rain effect that can be used in a million applications. It can be applied over other films, over pictures or graphics, or on glass for a dramatic effect. We are also introducing Fluorescent Rain, which is our fluorescent film laminated with Rain, providing you with a totally unique look.

SILK - This is a great product when you want to add a little softness, like a cloud, to your projects. We plan to provide this primarily on the fluorescent films, but as you can see, it also looks great on the basic colors. It will be available on a range of the more popular colors as well as a separate product to be used with other materials or as a stand alone.

DRY ERASE BOARD - Styletech White Dry Erase Board has so many uses and applications around the house and in a variety of craft projects and sign uses. It can be applied to any clean, smooth surface and has a removable adhesive. It literally turns any flat surface into a "whiteboard." You can write on it with a dry erase marker and easily clean it with a cloth. This film is great for childrens play areas and artwork, presentations, school projects, grocery lists, household messages, and much more.

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