Styletech Flexible Magnetic Sheeting - MAG 25/50

We stock flexible magnetic sheeting in 12 mil and 30 mil thicknesses and in 25' and 50' rolls. Standard widths are 24", but we can convert to most any width that you may require. We can also laminate any of our films to the magnetic sheeting providing you with a truly custom product.

The 12 mil magnetic sheeting is ideal for hobbies, promotional items, refrigerator magnets, advertising specialties and much more.

The 30 mil magnetic sheeting is the more traditional product. Because of the stronger magnetic bond, it is great for temporary vehicle signage and markings.

STYLETECHTM 30 MIL MATTE WHITE (magnetic sheeting, 30 mils thick, available with a white finish)


Flexibility:  Can be coiled to a 1" radius without cracking at 68º F.

Hardness:  Shore D60

Maximum Energy Product:  .8 X 10 gauss oersteds

Specific Gravity:  Specific Gravity is 3.7

Machinability:  Cuts cleanly and with ease in die, knife, scissor or punch applications.

Lead Free Product:  Lead-free compounding feature standard on all STYLETECH Magnetic Sheeting products.

Magnetization:  State of the art multi-pole magnetization method renders 12 poles per inch standard.

Thickness: +/-.002"
Slit Width: +/.0625"/-0
Cut Length: +/.125"/-0
Splice-free rolls available upon request.

All information based on tests believed to be reliable. These values do not constitute guaranty and do not constitute a warranty.

Purchaser is to independently determine suitability of this material for specific purpose.

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