Cast Opaque Films


TAPE TECHNOLOGIES produces the very best line of 2 Mil Cast high performance vinyl film products in the world today. Our color stability and color consistency from run to run is superior to other vinyl films. Our opacity and intense pigmentation provides more value, better complete coverage of substrates and more brilliant color intensity

TAPE TECHNOLOGIES STYLETECH Cast Vinyls are higher gloss due to modern smoother casting sheets which produce livelier, deeper colors and contrasts. This eye appealing gloss level has proved superior to competition in Southeast Florida testing, where all exterior paints are tested and rated.

We are located in Florida and design products to pass the rigors of high heat, humidity and intense sun exposure. This produces STYLETECH products that by far exceed the exterior demands of other regions and competitors performance resulting in 5 to 8 year durability.

TAPE TECHNOLOGIES STYLETECH 2 Mil Vinyls have superior dimensional stability due to the lowest shrinkage and highest shear resistant adhesives available.

TAPE TECHNOLOGIES vinyl film is flexible to conform to most compound curved surfaces. This coupled with the highest performance acrylic adhesives makes it ideal for fleet marking and tough applications.

TAPE TECHNOLOGIES has worked diligently with paper manufacturers to provide the best release liners for consistently superior weedability and plastic and paper application tapes (premasks) to give you the best of all products.

TAPE TECHNOLOGIES produces an extremely wide variety of colors with one difference - our colors sell more. Our market surveys keep you from stocking many colors that simply will not sell.

TAPE TECHNOLOGIES has been an industry leader in offering ecologically safer vinyl films to the world markets. In 1987, TAPE TECHNOLOGIES developed the first pearlescent film for Jaguar and also offered Jaguar a film formulation free of cadmium (a dangerous heavy metal ). The tragedy is that many of our competitors to this day still violate international laws restricting the use of cadmium, they still persist in using cadmium in the formulations.

The choice is simple - TAPE TECHNOLOGIES has superior vinyl films, higher performance acrylic adhesives, the most balanced release liners for ultra-weedability and ecological formulations.

We guarantee that our products are not only the BEST CHOICE, they are the CORRECT CHOICE.

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